Vocational Training

Join our vocational courses to get the skills you need and be work-ready after your graduation. Our vocational training teaches skills that can lead you to a new career direction. Whether you are looking for retraining or your first job, Vision College offers many options from agriculture, business, early childhood education and more. 

You will study vocational education training in a classroom environment and gain practical experience for specific jobs such as security, early childhood, farming, and more. 

You may be able to get financial support to help you pay for study, training, or your living cost. Find out more about financial support here: 

Why should you take vocational training at Vision College? 

Hands-on training: One of the most significant benefits of vocational training is that you will get practical experience. Our vocational courses are designed to teach you industry skills that you need for employment. 

You have a career in mind: you know what you want to do, and you just need to get the training for it. After three to twelve months of vocational education, you have a definite career path.  

Flexibility: with multiple courses, intakes, and campuses around NZ (Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch), you can start your course when you want and where you want. 

Obtain specialised training and have higher employment rates: through our programmes, you will get specialised training in your chosen industry, so you are ready to start work immediately.

Graduate in a quicker time: Our vocational courses are between 12 weeks to 40 weeks. It is designed to prepare you for entry-level employment in the career of your choice as quickly as possible.  

Smaller classes: Our vocational courses are taught in a small classroom size. That means tutors can offer thorough training with supervised hands-on experience. This also means the creation of strong relationships with classmates.

Check out our vocational courses below and take the next step towards your future career.  

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