Bachelor of Counselling - Year One (Certificate in Interpersonal Skills)

Level 5

This is Year One of the Bachelor of Counselling and helps students develop a strong understanding of counselling theory, including counselling process, self-awareness, human development, personal and professional boundaries and principles of psychology. The Person-Centred approach to counselling is practised and developed within the class environment, in preparation for agency placement in Years 2 and 3. Students attend regular classes on campus. Students must complete the Bachelor of Counselling Year 1 before being eligible for the Bachelor of Counselling Year 2. A student can exit from study at this time with a Certificate in Interpersonal Skills (Level 5).

Bachelor of Counselling - Year Two

Level 6

The focus for this year shifts to a supervised practicum whereby placement within an approved counselling setting combines with weekly on-campus classes, to develop students competence and confidence in the Person-Centred counselling approach. Students complete a minimum of 100 hours of face-to-face supervised counselling practice (At least 80 hours must be focussed on working with adults).

Bachelor of Counselling - Year Three

Level 7

The Bachelor of Counselling (Level 7) extends the supervised practicum, with students completing a further 100 hours of face-to-face counselling practice. On-campus classes enhance the theoretical depth of students’ knowledge and awareness, underpinning the practical counselling experience. Students also choose two elective papers in this year, enabling exploration of more specialised topics.

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Absolutely. All of our qualifications are accredited and approved through the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and are internationally recognised.

Having a conviction may cause some challenges with some qualifications but may not exclude you from studying. Completion of a police vetting form is required for some programmes of study. Contact us for more details.

We have two values that we use to guide our decisions:

God Honouring (He whakahonore i te Atua) 

  • Ministry - wherever, whenever be like Jesus
  • Integrity - be true to our word, and do what is morally right
  • Stewardship - future focussed, managing and investing wisely

Client Focussed (He manaaki i te tangata)

  • Service - serve, respect and value our clients
  • Innovation - constant improvement
  • Excellence - excel in all that we do
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