Youth Guarantee Programmes

What is Youth Guarantee?

Our Youth Guarantee programmes are free courses for 16-19 year olds, designed to help students who left school early or didn't achieve NCEA get back into study for FREE.

Who is Eligible?

Youth Guarantee is available to anyone aged 16-19 who hasn't studied at a tertiary level before. Students who are 15 years old and have an Early Leaving Exemption from the Ministry of Education are also eligible.

Why study Youth Guarantee Courses?

If you didn't finish NCEA or left school early, Youth Guarantee Programme can be your second chance to study!

Youth Guarantee means your study is FREE, and it's not a one-use thing either. You can join our Level 1 Ultimate programme (Foundation Skills Course) for FREE, then move on to Level 2 Ultimate for FREE, and then finish off with Early Childhood Level 3 or Business Administration Level 3 also for FREE! 

Our Free Youth Courses have smaller class size and more hands-on learning than regular schooling. We offer a supportive learning environment and skills for employment or further study.

We also offer extra support to Youth Guarantee students through travel allowance (van drop-offs maybe be available to students living far from public transport routes) and student support services such as mental health services.

Which programmes are Youth Guarantee?

Set your career in motion with these Youth Guarantee programmes:


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