NZ Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology)

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NZ Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology)

Our fees-free 20 week NZ Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3) is the perfect way to retrain for modern office systems. It is designed for those wanting to run the admin side of their own business, work in an administration role, or upskill.

This hands-on course will help you grow your knowledge, understanding and skills using the Microsoft Office Suite. While covering computer applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher, it includes business report writing, communication skills and creating business documents. 

This programme uses a combination of classroom tutorials and ‘step-by-step’ handbooks, to ensure each part of the course remains highly practical and relevant to what employers expect from their administration staff.

Hours of tuition can be flexible based on your lifestyle, but some daytime classes are required. 

Upcoming Intakes

26 Jul 2021
31 Jan 2022
2 Aug 2021
31 Jan 2022
2 Aug 2021
31 Jan 2022
2 Aug 2021
31 Jan 2022


Domestic Fees

Fees listed are indicative only and may vary with course selection. Exact fees can be confirmed when you enquire or apply.

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  • Use calendar functions of an email system send and receive meeting requests
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of communication process theory
  • Describe customer service techniques required to accommodate customer behavioural styles
  • Apply word processing features and functions to produce business or organisational information
  • Produce documents for a workplace using a computer
  • Apply customising features of software to enhance
    documents from provided data and by direct composition
  • Contribute within a team or group which has an objective
  • Plan & Create and use a computer database to provide a solution for organisation use
  • Produce desktop published documents for organisation use
  • Create a computer spreadsheet to provide a solution for organisation use
  • Integrate text and images to produce documents that are fit for purpose and the intended audience
  • Use office information, copying, and telecommunication systems in accordance with office requirements
  • Write minutes for a formal meeting

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3)

  • For students aged 16+.
  • No previous qualifications or experience are necessary, however, some familiarity with a computer is required.
  • You will be asked to attend an interview which may include a short written or computer orientation task.
  • Not available to international students.

Our Business Administration programme does not require you to bring your own device (BYOD) for study at Vision College. However, if you would like to bring your own, below are the minimum specifications required for this course, anything less than this will not open the programmes required.

Windows 10 Operating System (from January 2020 any Windows version less than 10 will not be able to connect to the ATC New Zealand wireless network)
Intel Celeron
4GB of memory
320GB+ Hard Drive or 128GB+ Solid State Drive
Across our programmes we use Microsoft Windows based applications.

Career Opportunities

Personal Assistant - Kaiāwhina Whaiaro

Personal assistants provide administrative, secretarial, and general support to senior managers. They may also be responsible for budgets and financial planning.

Administration Officer - Āpiha Whakahaere Mahi

Administration officers perform a range of administrative tasks to ensure an organisation runs efficiently.

Contact Centre Worker - Kaimahi Pokapū Whakapā

Contact centre workers answer enquiries and provide or organise help for those who contact them. They may also deal with customer complaints, or sell goods or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Business Administration certificate is designed for students with a basic understanding of computers and Microsoft Word. Your level of skill will be observed in the application process to make sure you will be able to succeed. As this is a Level 3 course, it is not recommended for beginners.

You are required to be in class at least 16 hours a week, with a further 16 hours of work completed outside of class times.

Inquire with your local campus for their class times.

You will need to contact StudyLink for the answer to this. All of our courses have been approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and, as such, all New Zealand students that enrol in a programme of study can apply to StudyLink.

We strongly recommend that you bring your own device. Bringing your own device allows you to continue to work when you are away from the college, on the projects and self-directed aspects related to the course. If bringing your own device is problematic let us know before you start, and we'll see what we can arrange for you in terms of providing a desktop PC.

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