Workplace Literacy and Numeracy

Workplace Literacy and Numeracy

40% of New Zealanders in the workplace struggle with their literacy or numeracy.

Our Workplace Literacy and Numeracy programme is tailored to meet the needs of your employees and company. We assess which areas your employees need support in and create a strategy to help them overcome any barriers within your company context.

If you or your employee need, and would like some Personal Development to help with, with the following:

  • Licensing support
  • English language
  • Reading instructions, recipes
  • Measuring and calculating products
  • Problem solving
  • General confidence
  • Specific needs that can be catered to increase productivity in your workplace

This programme is free for employers and learners, and is delivered online or face-to-face in a setting that best suits your company's needs. 

To sign your employees on to our Workplace Literacy and Numeracy programme, give us a call on 0800 834 834.

Available Campuses: Hamilton and Auckland.


Our programme coordinator can base all literacy and numeracy learning around the specific needs of your company, e.g. if your employees work with recipes and measurements we will provide training within this context.

  • Learners must be an NZ Citizen or Resident
  • For learners with low skills levels in literacy or numeracy who are in the workforce.
  • For learners who have fewer than 80 credits on the NZQF or fewer than 12 credits in literacy and/or numeracy
  • Learners must not be currently enrolled as a full-time student or enrolled in a New Zealand Apprenticeship
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