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NZ Certificate in Christian Ministry

The New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (Level 4) focuses on discipleship and preparation for ministry. This programme is designed for students who want to develop a greater understanding of their faith for their everyday life as a Christian or those who feel that God is calling them into church leadership or pastoral ministry.

Throughout this programme, students will gain biblical and theoretical knowledge that they can apply in a range of Christian ministries and organisations, and apply these principles to develop their personal faith journey and to the faith journey of others.

This programme is delivered through a mixture of face-to-face classes, online learning, self-study and ministry involvement within Activate Church. Students will receive quality teaching and input from a wide range of experienced practitioners.

Graduates can be prepared for entry-level leadership or find employment, or work in a voluntary capacity, as pastoral leaders, support staff associated with a variety of pastoral work, or as leaders within the workplace or community.

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$4,700 (Not Available for International Students)

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  • Students will gain an understanding of the foundational elements of biblical discipleship, disciple-making, and spiritual maturity and apply this to their own Christian journey


  • Explore biblical principles and beliefs related to the nature, attributes and works of God, the doctrine of salvation, and the creditability of scriptures.


  • Investigate principles for correctly interpreting and communicating scriptural concepts, including effective communication and presentation techniques.

Biblical Overview

  • Gain an understanding of the relevance of the story of faith from both the Old and New Testaments for society today and apply key principles to a contemporary church context.

Internship Project

  • Students will apply their learning within a practical ministry setting. They will work alongside others in a team environment to support personal and spiritual growth while applying biblical leadership styles and principles.

Christian Mission

  • Discover God’s missionary nature and his heart for all people. Explore cross-cultural issues and contemporary strategies for presenting the gospel and reflect on past and present missionary ventures.

Spiritual Development

  • Focussing on formation rather than information, this paper provides students with an opportunity to explore spiritual development in terms of their personal spiritual growth and maturity, and how to foster that growth in others

Ministry Studies

  • Explore how Christian ministry and leadership as described in the New Testament can remain relevant for the spiritual needs of people in 21st century New Zealand. Students will develop skills that help accomplish effective ministry in this context

1 Corinthians

  • Students will practice the application of hermeneutical tools, allowing them to discover the original meaning of a particular text and translate the principles discovered into a contemporary context. 1 Corinthians is full of leadership and ministry problems that still shape contemporary church ministry today

New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (Level 4)

  • For students aged 17+
  • All applicants will be required to produce two current character references, and undergo a police check
  • Produce two essays, one outlining their journey of faith, and one demonstrating their ability to meet the written requirements of the course
  • A recommendation from a current pastor, or similar
  • Have sufficient levels of English and computer literacy skills to study at this level as well as the ability to use the communication and collaboration technologies incorporated in the programme
  • Short-listed applicants may be required to attend an individual interview as part of the application process (can be through video call)
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have a history of academic success, relevant practical experience, a commitment to undertaking all aspects of the programme and to meeting the learning outcomes

Provisional Entry:

  • Provisional Entry may be granted to domestic applicants who do not meet the criteria above, but present evidence of ability to succeed and are able to show they are well prepared to study the programme

International Students:

  • Not available to international students.
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