NZ Certificate in Primary Industry Skills

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NZ Certificate in Primary Industry Skills

International students are welcome and come from all over the world to Vision College.

Vision College is a division of Activate Training Centre Limited (ATC) which was formed in 1984. It offers a unique Christian-based environment for study. Christian values of care, honour and respect are part of our culture and are all designed to help learners excel. People of all religions and cultures are most welcome to study at Vision College.

The emphasis of this agriculture training is on improving productivity and agricultural efficiency. Students of this vocational training will be able to apply the skills and knowledge gained and contribute to the improvement and development of agricultural practices in their own country.

Note: There are only 16 places in each intake. All applicants will receive a Conditional Offer of Place. Once the fees are paid in full a revised Offer of Place and Receipt of Payment will be provided. An applicant will be considered confirmed once they have paid their fees in full. When an applicant has received an AIP (Approved in Principle) or a student visa, a copy must be forwarded to Vision College.

As there is a high demand for this programme of study, and limited places, places will be given on a first-in, first-served basis, according to when fees are paid. If an applicant pays their fees and the intake that was offered on their Conditional  or Unconditional Offer of Place is now full, the applicant will be placed into the next available intake and documentation revised accordingly.



Before enrolling in this agriculture course please download and read the School Prospectus.

We highly recommend that you apply to enrol through a reputable immigration agent in your home country. Contact us at for a list of agents.

The application process will require you to provide the following documents, completed in English, plus verified copies of your passport, qualifications:

  • Application Form - Click Here
  • Statement of intent - Click Here
  • Medical Information - Click Here
  • CV
  • Driver Licence (country of origin)
  • Copies of qualifications or credentials 
  • Video (2-3 minutes in length speaking about your family, employment, hobbies, why do you want to study in NZ, why do you want to work in the dairy industry.) - Please send your agent the video as an Email attachment.
  • Homestay Application Form - Click Here
  • Exemption from Homestay - Click Here
  • Airport Pickup Request - Click Here
  • Course Costs - Click Here
  • International Student Information Booklet - Click Here


Available Campuses: Hamilton

Upcoming Intakes

18 Sep 2023
8 Jan 2024
1 Apr 2024
24 Jun 2024
16 Sep 2024


International Fees *
$13117.50 (Tuition/Course Materials/Insurance/Accommodation/Employer Accredited Work visa fees and consultancy).

Fees listed are indicative only and may vary with course selection. Exact fees can be confirmed when you enquire or apply.
* International learners are required to pay additional costs to attend one of our courses or programmes. These additional costs include medical and travel insurance cover.

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  • Use of farm vehicles 
  • Intensive training on the safe use of quad bikes, farm motorcycles, tractors and chainsaws.
  • Pasture control 
  • An introduction to grazing and pasture management.
  • Fencing training 
  • Methods of livestock control with fencing methods.
  • Animal health 
  • Skills in dairy herd health care and animal handling.
  • Livestock feeding 
  • Knowledge of seasonal livestock demands and feeding systems.
  • Dairy shed hygiene and milking 
  • Preparation for milking, milking procedures and equipment cleaning.
  • Injury and Safety factors training
  • The identification and elimination of farm hazards.



If your visa conditions allow, we work closely with an agricultural employment consultant who will assist you to gain either seasonal, part-time or full-time employment on a dairy farm.

Please note this agriculture course is not a pathway to residence in New Zealand.


New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2)*

  • International students must be aged between 18-40 years of age at the start date of the programme of study, not when they make the application.
  • Applicants must be proficient in the English language (both written and spoken) to at least a basic level
  • Prospective students must have applied for and been accepted on a study visa, not a visitor’s visa.
  • Be able to show a source of funds and provide a history of payments in their bank accounts that go back 6 months.
  • Must have completed an agriculture-related qualification of at least 3 months duration. This is the minimum requirement. Preference will be given to those applications who have a degree or can show a background in agriculture.
  • Have paid all monies required before the course start date.
  • All students are required to stay in a Homestay unless an exemption has been approved by the Head of School. An 'Exemption from Homestay' form must be completed.



  • Prospective students will need a driver's licence.
  • Height - We cannot accept a student who is 5’3” (160 cm) or under, as this is a health and safety issue and are at risk of injury during milking.
  • A Conditional Offer of Place will be given to all applicants at the time of application. Payment of fees will confirm the applicants place on the next available intake. If the intake is full at the time of payment, the applicant will be placed in the next intake that has space, as a confirmed enrolment.
  • Approved visa details must be provided as soon as possible
  • If an airport pickup has been request, the Airport Pickup Request form must be completed and sent to ATC Vision College along with payment
  • Students enrolling in the NZ Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2)* will be required to obtain a work visa once they have been offered a position on a farm. ATC Vision College use the services of a Hamilton based company, that finds placements and assist students to process work visas. The cost for this service is $1207.00 and the work visa application of $750.00. Students who choose to use another recruiting agency will need to cover the costs of that agency. ATC Vision College will not be responsible for the student’s application for a work visa, or if the employment relationship does not work. Note: Students who start with one agency and shift to another may be liable for costs in both agencies.


Course Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Students doing a course lasting two or more years are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. 
Students doing a one-year course or more are eligible to work full-time over the summer holiday period.
To work you will need to apply for a variation of conditions to your student permit. However, you need to know that jobs are not always easy to come by and, by law, preference has to be given to New Zealand citizens or residents.

Many students find that study in New Zealand is very different from what they are used to.  New Zealand educators value active participation in class.  Students are expected to ask questions and also be expected to complete background readings during the coursework.  Teachers facilitate your learning, but do not provide all that you will need to know. 

If you have a licence in your own country, you can apply for an International Driver’s Licence before you leave.  This is valid for one year before you need to take the New Zealand driving tests.  Check with the New Zealand Embassy in your own country for further details of requirements:

We give your details to a local International Employment/Immigration Agency, who will endeavour to locate a position on a farm in New Zealand.

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