COVID-19 Update

Latest Update 12th August 2020

As you may have heard, the PM has announced that New Zealand’s Alert Levels are changing. At 12 noon on Wednesday 12 August, Auckland will move to Alert Level 3. The rest of New Zealand will move to Alert Level 2.

Below are the measures that we are taking in each of our campuses:


Auckland Region

Campuses will be closed. Please liaise with your tutor as to your study from home options

All Other Campuses

Remain open. Please talk with you tutor as to study arrangements. The following steps are to keep everyone one safe.

  • We take care of ourselves and others.
  • COVID-19 is still out there. Play it safe.
  • Ask everyone, staff, students, contractors and customers, with cold or flu-like symptoms to stay away from our campuses and seek medical advice if needed. Any concerns please refer to your tutor/campus manager.
  • Keep 1 metre apart where possible, including classrooms and common areas.
  • Keep contact-tracing records of anyone who will have close interaction with staff, students, contractors or customers.
  • Reduce the number of shared surfaces, and regularly disinfect them.
  • Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.
  • If you are unwell, or have underlying health conditions, stay home and let your tutor know.
  • We sign in and out, capturing our movements around our campuses accurately (using ImHere).
  • We wash our hands often, and make use of the sanitizer.
  • All students, visitors and contractors entering our buildings must register their details (using ImHere).
  • We clean up after ourselves – maintain good hygiene standards.
  • We maintain social distance of 1m with other students, staff, visitors and contractors.
  • We use good sneeze/cough hygiene.
  • The high touch communal areas are wiped down regularly (entrances, handles, toilets, common areas) – Regular wiping down means at least once a day, more often as required. A cleaner will be appointed to each campus for this.
  • We will continue to support students that work from home or study at distance.
  • We communicate well - have posters reminding us of best practice, emails with updates/changes, share our experiences and talk about expectations so we’re all on the same page.


Signs and symptoms

What are the symptoms of 2019-nCoV?

Symptoms of 2019-nCoV are similar to a range of other illnesses such as influenza and do not necessarily mean that you have 2019-nCoV. Symptoms include fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. Difficulty breathing can be a sign of pneumonia and requires immediate medical attention. We don’t yet know how long symptoms take to show after a person has been infected, but current WHO assessments suggest that it is 2–10 days. 

What do I do if I am sick right now?

If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing please telephone Healthline (for free) on 0800 611 116.

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