Study Abroad & Cultural Immersion

Study Abroad & Cultural Immersion

Programme Length: 1 - 12 weeks (negotiable)
Campus: Hamilton
Qualification: A Certificate of Completion will be issued at the end of the programme

Vision College welcomes international groups from all parts of the world. We aim to provide visiting groups with a memorable and fun experience in New Zealand.
We believe that Study Abroad and Cultural Immersion programme will provide an enriching experience that will make a real difference in the lives of our learners.

This customised programme is designed to support the needs of students, faculty members, government employees, and other interest groups. This programme will enhance learning journey and/or internship experience and expand worldview on the area of aspiration. We can cater for those needing specific assistance in English or other areas of interest.

This is an exciting programme where learners can experience how business is done and developed in this part of the world. Learners will have the opportunity to experience the cultural, environmental, economic, and political aspects of doing business in New Zealand.

We provide training and opportunities to grow and develop in:
• The selected area of aspiration
• Cultural immersion experience
• Treaty of Waitangi
• Māori worldview and Tikanga
• Leadership & Wellbeing training



Education Experience
Explore Topics:

  • Select your special topic or area of aspiration.
  • Explore a range of study options in New Zealand

Field Trips:

  • Opportunity to participate in memorable experiential learning trips and to build your confidence.

Specialised Workshops or Projects:

  • Participate in learning workshops and projects and expand your worldview.

Cultural Immersion
Cultural Visits:

  • Experience New Zealand culture and sites of historical significance.

Māori Cultural Activities:

  • Experience the customs, cultural practices and beliefs of the indigenous Māori people of Aotearoa.
  • Enrich your experience with opportunities to learn about Tikanga Māori (our indigenous custom and values)

Treaty of Waitangi and History of Aotearoa :

  • Learn about the founding document of New Zealand and the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi

Explore New Zealand
Stunning Landscape and Welcoming People:

  • There is so much on offer and so many places to explore in New Zealand. The surf beaches at Raglan are just 45 minutes from Hamilton; the white sand beaches of the Coromandel are 2 hours away; the winter skiing ski-fields are 3 hours away; the hot pools at Taupō with the largest freshwater lake in Australasia is just 2.5 hours away. Not far from Hamilton are the world famous Waitomo Caves and the green pastures of Matamata - a location where some of The Lord of the Rings was filmed and now home to the world famous Hobbiton Movie Set, a must see for everyone.
  • New Zealand is a land of diverse cultures with people that welcome everyone to come and see its beauty. You will love the people of Waikato, which is the home to a melting pot of cultures from all corners of the world. One in five people living in the Waikato were born overseas

Galleries and Museums:

  • Explore New Zealands Museums, Art Galleries, Cultural Organisations and their amazing collections.

We welcome enquiries for both long and short-term international visiting groups.

For further information, special requests, and quotes, please email to

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