The skills in demand in the post-pandemic workplace

The skills in demand in the post-pandemic workplace

While there's much that's uncertain about the world right now, there are two things we can be reasonably confident about: the social and economic impacts of Covid-19 will reverberate globally for years, and its unlikely life will go back to exactly the way it was.

One of the most radical changes is expected to be in the workplace, where it's predicted the way businesses operate, their adaptability and the skills they require are all likely to change.

Experts say a good way to prepare for a post-coronavirus world is to gain information technology (IT) skills. We've already seen how critical IT skills were during lockdown, when companies needed to adapt quickly to the new world order of staff working from home. Going forward, additional digital adaptations will be required to develop resilient IT systems that can withstand future outbreaks and disruptions.

Employees who can help businesses successfully exploit technology to deliver these results are likely to be in demand right now. Especially those with software and web development and design qualifications.

If that sounds like you, or you're thinking of changing careers, then Vision College could help. A division of ATC New Zealand, a charitable entity created in 1984 to help New Zealanders reach their potential, the tertiary institution – which has campuses in Hamilton, Auckland, Christchurch and Pukekohe – provides courses in everything from agriculture to leadership. But it's in the IT domain that Vision College really shines: its IT programme consists of two diplomas, the NZ Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5) and the NZ Diploma in Software Development (Level 6). In the first year, students complete the Web diploma, followed by the Software Diploma in the second year.

While the Level 5 diploma focuses on everything from determining client needs to choosing a CMS, utilising databases, basic coding, designing the UX experience and configuring websites, the Level 6 diploma is all about software development, including object-orientated programming, data structures, mobile app development, software testing and security and project management.

If you're wondering where these qualifications can lead you, Deane Venske from Christchurch's Simple Software Limited has the answer.

"One of my biggest struggles has always been to find reliable and talented developers to help at busy times," says Venske. "I reached out to Vision College who put me in touch with one of their students, Declan Watts, who's currently studying software development. Declan has proven more than capable of keeping up and his productivity is a testament to the fact the college isn't just teaching specific technologies and theory but also empowering students to become lifelong learners."

Another Vision College student recently found full-time work with Champion Freight, a freight forwarder/customs broker.

"Champion Freight expanded operations, including developing in-house software solutions for clients, and needed to appoint a proficient developer," says Evan O'Donoghue. "We ended up appointing Elliott Lawrence, who was an undergraduate at the time. We were thoroughly impressed with Elliott's broad technical knowledge and ability to quickly adapt to the role. We look forward to appointing another Vision College graduate as operations expand."

If you're keen to gain these highly sought after IT skills, visit our Information Technology page and be better prepared for a post-pandemic world.

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