Showcase Showdown

School of Music's Counter to Covid Restrictions

The students at Vision College’s School of Music are no stranger to COVID getting in the way of their performances. Their annual school tour has been cancelled two years in a row due to COVID restrictions, and their yearly performance ‘Showcase’ was cancelled for 2021 due to multiple lockdowns and reduced practice times. These events are run annually as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills to an audience, with Showcase allowing students to perform for family and friends, and to showcase the hard work they’ve put in over the year in the leadup to this event.

However, this year, Vision College School of Music were determined to not let COVID and unexpected restrictions stop their students from experiencing the opportunity to perform this year. To give their students an experience they’ll remember, the school instead recorded a series of music videos, an innovative idea that allowed students to share their performances with friends, family and the wider community. The three music videos were recorded during the brief break between Waikato lockdowns in September, following all COVID rules. The students spent one full-on day filming, dressing up, and experiencing being on a proper film set with professional filming and lighting, an incredible opportunity they would not have experienced if not for COVID disrupting their original plans.

These music videos will be formally released online over the last week of December on the Vision College Facebook page and their other social media platforms. The School of Music students and staff have also been invited to perform at Festival One, as part of the Vision College band, which runs from the 28th to the 30th of January 2022, which will be a fitting final hurrah for several of their 3rd year graduating students.


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