NZ Music Month 2021

What is NZ Music Month?  

NZ Music Month is a celebration of New Zealand Music and Musicians throughout the month of May. It was launched in 1997 as New Zealand Music Week and later extended to New Zealand Music Month in 2001. NZ Music Month is run by the NZ Music Commission in association with other organisations, including Recorded Music NZ, Independent Music NZ, NZ on Air, APRA, and The Music Managers Forum. The purpose of this month is to support the NZ music industry by creating a commercially successful local performers platform.

How is Vision involved? 

Vision College is celebrating NZ Music Month this year by showcasing the talent that has come through our School of Music! Throughout May we will explore different stories about songs, people and issues that are a part of New Zealand’s musical heritage. We will also be sharing interviews with our graduates who have developed their musical careers further after graduating with us, where we will hear what inspires them and how they create their music.

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