Centralised Leisure Management

Our Ultimate students at Vision College Papakura were blessed to be provided funding from CLM (Centralised Leisure Management) where we partnered up with Adventure Works to run a programme for our students called “Hīkoi o ngā tinana kaha” -Movement of Strong Bodies.  The programme was created because the student voice identified a need and wanted to do more outdoors working on their Taha Tinana and being active.  We heard our Rangatahi and made sure these needs were catered to.  On 21st March 2023, we were granted $ 5865.00.  This would be our first time getting a grant and were grateful for the amount given.  We had partnered up with Adventure Works who hold contracted instructors and held the resources and connections to run fully equipped adventurous activities all over Auckland.  It was a great 3 days of Quality adventurous experiences doing Kayaking, Bushcraft and High ropes. Most of our students don’t often get the opportunity to engage in such activities and this was an opportunity for them to experience and learn something new! They gained confidence, built trust with their peers by working together as a team, and identified the difference nature made to their mental well-being with a sense of connection to their surroundings.  The students got to fill their ketes with knowledge around Tikanga Maori in the outdoors and the significance of the places we visited.  Our students had a blast and are looking forward to ongoing adventures.

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