24 Weeks

Vocational Pathways in Primary Industry Skills

This fees-free Agriculture course is for 16-19 years old, and gives successful students credits towards NCEA Level 2 with Vocational Pathways in Primary Industry Skills.

Study in a classroom environment and gain practical hands-on experience on a farm. This Agriculture training is designed to prepare you with the essential knowledge and skills for work in an entry-level role on a farm, or for further training. Over 24-weeks in Agriculture class, you will learn practical skills around vehicles and machinery, farming skills, fencing, general agriculture, and pest control.

In completion of the Agriculture course you will be capable of carrying out practical tasks associated with an entry-level role and use safe work practices in a primary industry workplace. Opportunities exist where we can arrange to place you on a farm if you wish. Most often, such jobs include a good salary, housing and other benefits.

Other career options include viticulture, farm supply, livestock management and other forms of agriculture and horticulture.

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Vehicles and Machinery

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the legal requirements and hazards associated with tractor use
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the working principles, maintenance, and servicing of petrol and diesel engines
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a motorcycle
  • Check and drive a basic wheel tractor with an attached implement on flat terrain
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safe operation of a quad bike
  • Ride a quad bike on flat terrain in the workplace

Farming Skills

  • Check and report on livestock
  • Assist with handling and treatment of livestock
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safe handling and health problems of dairy cattle associated with milking


  • Install, dismantle, and store temporary electric fences
  • Open and draw out a coil of wire, tie knots, join wire and prepare wire for transport and storage
  • Identify the location of a fault in electric fences, and replace electric fence components

General Agriculture

  • Locate hazards, describe safety procedures, and demonstrate safe work practices in a rural workplace
  • Describe hydration, nutrition and sleep in relation to physical well-being of agriculture workers
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hazards, hazard control, and the consequences of injury in a rural workplace

Pest Control

  • Control weeds under supervision
  • Use, maintain, and store agrichemical personal protective equipment (PPE)

Vocational Pathways in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2)

  • For students aged 16 to 19
  • No previous qualifications at Level 2 or above
  • Not available for international students

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Career Opportunities

Farm Worker - Kaimahi Pāmu

Farm workers help farmers with a variety of tasks, including raising and caring for livestock, repairs and maintenance, tractor work, and other farming activities.

Dairy Farmer - Kaiahuwhenua Miraka Kau

Dairy farmers feed, care for and milk herds of cows on farms.

Farmer/​Farm Manager - Kaiahuwhenua/​Kaiwhakahaere Pāmu

Farmers/farm managers are responsible for the planning, management and day-to-day running of farms. Farmers own the land they farm, while farm managers manage farms for farm owners.

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