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COA - Security

Are you looking for a fast way to enter the security industry? This short course will give you the unit standards needed to apply for your Certificate of Approval (COA). Anyone looking to join the security industry as a Crowd Controller, Personal Guard or Property Guard is required to complete a COA Training programme such as this.

Throughout this programme, you will learn how to manage conflict and assess factors that impact on the conflict situation, the duties and roles of security personnel, the health and safety requirements, and other important skills and knowledge required for employment within the security industry.

This programme runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm over 3 days.

Successful graduates will be eligible to apply for their COA through the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) and can move into employment in a range of security roles. The cost of applying for your COA through PSPLA will be $170 (This is an additional cost that is paid by the student to PSPLA).

This course will equip you to be work ready for the Security industry.

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Throughout this programme you will learn how to:

  • Describe conflict management in a security context
  • Assess factors impacting on the conflict situation in a security context
  • Demonstrate the application of an action plan to manage the conflict situation in a security context
  • Manage the conflict situation in a security context
  • Implement post-incident action in a security context
  • Describe the licensing requirements for security personnel
  • Describe the duties and roles of security personnel in different security contexts
  • Describe the legal authority and limitations of security personnel under legislation and the appropriate application of this authority
  • Describe the health and safety requirements relevant to security personnel
  • Describe the first line response to emergencies and security incidents by security personnel
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the requirements for receiving and reporting information
  • Describe interpersonal communication techniques in terms of how they can improve the effectiveness of communication in a security context

US 27360 Conflict Management (Theory) - 4 Credits at Level 3

US 27361 Conflict Management (Practical) - 4 Credits at Level 3

US 27364 Introduction to the Security Industry (Theory & Practical) - 4 Credits at Level 2

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