Our very talented students have been busy putting together our new collection of Music Month Music Videos.  We will put a new one up every few days (so keep coming back) and will also be interviewing some current students and putting these up as well.


Lady Hawke "My Delirium" Cover

Performing Artists
Kate Oatway (lead vocals),
Luke Rodgers (guitar),
Sarah Vandenberg (BVs & shaker),
Brett Wilson (guitar & BVs).

Unknown Mortal Orchestra "So Good At Being In Trouble" Cover

Performing Artists
Denee Patton (lead vocals),
Maria Yoon (keyboard),

Tiki Taane 'Always on my mind' Cover

Performing Artists
Aram Artinian (lead vocals),
Matt Kennedy

Thomas Oliver 'If I move to mars'

Performing Artists
Logan Forster
Sarah-Elizabeth Single

Crowded House 'Distant Sun'

Performing Artists
Jae’l Warbrick
Brett Wilson (Guitar)

The JoinOuts 'Fall Asleep'

Performing Artists
The JoinOuts

Margaret Urlich 'Escaping'

Performing Artists
Micaela Collecutt
Brett Wilson

Anika Moa 'Dreams in my Head'

Performing Artists
Micah Hankins
Brett Wilson