School of Music offers three Christian Contemporary Music qualifications

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Diploma in Contemporary Music Level 5 is a one year, full-time music qualification that develops musicianship and performance skills. Students are given opportunities to experience all aspects of music. In this one-year music course, students will assist in the annual Vision College tour to schools and other performance events, develop and strengthen their musical knowledge and be prepared for the Diploma in Performance Music Level 6.



Diploma in Performance Music Level 6 is a one year, full-time music qualification that further develops students in their chosen stream (instrument, voice or songwriting), with continued one-on-one tuition. Students will be given the opportunity to perform at various events, including the Tour; learn about music education and the business of teaching; develop production and engineering skills for recording, composing and arranging techniques, and develop shared musical experiences further through improvisation and ensemble classes.  



Bachelor of Music Level 7 is a one-year full-time music qualification that brings students to an advanced level. Students who choose to complete this music course will receive further one-on-one tuition in their chosen stream (instrument, voice, and songwriting). Students will develop advanced knowledge and skills in major areas of musical understanding and performance. The students must have completed the Diploma in Contemporary Music and the Diploma in Performance Music, in order to be eligible.


Whether you are wanting to do a Gap Year or a full Degree, Vision College gives you the option. To find out more about the music courses available at the Vision School of Music, select from the above options.




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