Earn a Qual While Serving your Church

If you want to serve your church better while learning a valuable qualification, we now have 2 exciting ways to do just that.  Click on one of the images below to learn more.

Internship Full Image

Make a difference at your church with a business based internship

Perhaps your church has projects that require a business approach to move forward. Such projects could include:

  •  - Database optimisation for better communication to members
  •  - Market research on perceptions of the church within the community
  •  - An investigation into better use of technology
  •  - Research into sponsorship and funding ideas
  •  - Marketing the church for new members
  •  - Setting up a business unit such as a childcare centre or youth coaching


Gain a NZ Diploma in Business while applying the skills directly through your internship at the church or Christian organisation. The diploma is taught online and through block courses.